EOC guarantees that during the warranty period (2 years from date of purchase) the product is free from manufacture and material defects. Within this warranty period, defective products (choice of EOC.) will be either replaced or repaired.

Warranty limitations:
- The warranty does not apply to any part of a product that has been installed, altered, repaired, or misused in any way that, in the opinion of EOC, would affect the reliability or detracts from the performance of any part of the product, or is damaged as the result of use in a way or with equipment that had not been previously approved by EOC.
- The warranty does not apply to any product or parts thereof where the serial number or the serial number of any of its parts has been altered, defaced, or removed. - The warranty does not cover replacement or repair necessitated by loss or damage from any cause beyond the control EOC, such as lightning or other natural and weather related events or wartime environments. - The warranty does not cover any labor involved in the removal and or reinstallation of warranted equipment or parts on site, or any labor required to diagnose the necessity for repair or replacement.
EOC shall not be liable for defects or damage that, to the EOC opinion, were caused by a misuse, improper storage, and the use of the product with an electronically or mechanically improper equipment or with equipment with lower quality, or by the use of the device under conditions that demand their use of the device does not match.

Private Information
We appreciate your business as well as your private information. That is why we have a rule not to reveal your private information (name, address, credit card information, telephone number etc.) to anyone (wheather it is a company or private person).
As you shop on our website, you don’t need to worry about your credit card information – you can be absolutely sure that your shopping is safe.
We use the latest digital technologies to protect your private information. All given information is encoded by our server to provide more safety to our clients. Your data cannot be read until it reaches our system.

Return Policy
Please examine your buy carefully right on delivery. If product doesn’t match your expectations you may send it back within 14 Days and will be refunded. Some Limitations: Freight and insurance costs are paid by customer. EOC doesn’t receive packages sent as cash on delivery.
EOC shall not be liable for any damages of the devices occurred during transportation.
Important: You must contact us to receive RMA number. This number should be put on the back side of the package and you also should include the copy of the pro forma invoice in the package. All the devices sent for repair or replacement should be in original condition with instruction manual and all included accessories.
In case the goods have been harmed because of the shipment, or improper packaging or, as a result of improper use, or other circumstances, they are sent back to the buyer again. Special orders or merchandise for the special sale, or condition "as they are" goods purchased may not be returned.
EOC have the right to deny returned goods, return the goods back, or collect 15% under the following conditions:
1) If you have sent the goods after the expiration of the probationary period and without registration. The 14-day period begins from the date when you received the goods and is complete when we receive the merchandise in our factory.
2) The packaging is not full, the goods have been damaged or scratched, or used.
3) The product is not correct (wrong) packed.
4) The goods were ordered, but the buyer refused later on.

Limitations of Liability
EOC is not responsible for any claim, action, costs, expenses, damages associated with the use of the product. The responsibility for the use is carried by the buyer. EOC is only Seller of the product and service centre, according to this agreement. The sale of the product to the buyer and the service rendered can not be transferred as an obligation or generating revenue to the third person. EOC is responsible only to the amount of costs or other payments which the buyer at the EOC, or has paid to an EOC dealer for the device.
In a warranty case please send the product with the confirmation of your purchase to the below mentioned service center address. The shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Each shipment must be fully insured. EOC is not responsible for the misshipments, damages or losses incurred during shipment.
When sending the device for repairs, please, provide your name, address and detailed description of the problem.

You can contact us by tel.
0211 41873217 (for Germany).
+49 211 41873217 (International).
Opladener Str. 10
40591 Duesseldorf, Germany
e-mail: info@eoccompany.de